Saturday, January 29, 2011

Seeing Subtle Changes, Maybe?

Garrett has been on Zoloft along with the previously prescribed Risperidone for 48 hours, and Grouchy and I think we are seeing some good results. Not huge, but noticeable!! Sking last night with him, he never screamed or freaked out. He did not listen very well, but I write that off to his being so entranced by the snow, scooting his skis back and forth and riding the moving sidewalk lift. Even today when his 4-wheeler stopped working the way he wanted it to, he didn't pitch a fit, rather he came calmly inside the barn to tell Grouchy it was not working right. I waited for the melt, but it didn't happen! We will not hold our breaths as my mom is here right now, so Garrett is getting lots and lots of attention, and it seems he acts out more the less he gets. But still, it is encouraging to see something!!

This morning I took Addie to the after hours clinic, and while her strep test came back negative, the nurse practitioner said she is almost certain she has strep, but it is too early to show on the quick office test. She treated her with an antibiotic to help her. WHEW, glad we went!!

After Addie and I returned from the big city...ha....and got her meds started, Grouchy and I headed out on a pre-planned date evening/night. How fun!!!!! Usually our evening out might be some errands and then Outback Steakhouse for dinner, then home. But tonight Grouchy had a very COOL idea for a date!!!! We loaded up and headed back up the mountain to SKI!!! YAY!!! We had such a great time, and I got off of the bunny slope again and made it down a pretty scary green one without loss of limb or life!!! It was an adrenaline rush, and it was dark with the lights on making it very hard to get perspective for our eyes for speed and terrain!! Night skiing is such a blast to me. The snow sparkles, and it feels so magical! On the way home, we stopped and grabbed an inexpensive Mexican meal that we shared, then headed home by 8 pm. It was such a fun time, and we can't wait to go together again!!! Much healthier than just eating dinner out.....unless, of course, I crash sking!!!

Hugs to everyone, and please pray a special prayer for a boy named Cooper who is battling for each minute of life due to his fight against Mitochondrial Disease.


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  1. YAY, GREAT news! so glad youre seeing some positive changes! This stuff works wonders! Easton has been on it for over a year after being on the Lexapro since he was 9. That med stopped working and we switched to Zoloft. He is doing very well :)