Thursday, January 13, 2011

Horses are usually pretty mundane to watch in captivity. Usually they eat, occasionally you will see them lying down, they sometimes will bump or kick at each other to get to food or just continue their pecking order. But mostly they graze and walk and, well, make me bored!!

Yesterday was a totally differert story! Grouchy called out to the girls and me to look outside in our front pasture yesterday during school, and we saw that Ernie and Lucy were having quite a time!!! They were running around some, but mostly they were picking on each other biting, hopping around, spinning, and even rearing up at each other. It was all in friendly fun....and maybe a little to do with mother nature and heat cycle as one is a mare. The other is a gelding, so not able to "do the deed" like a stallion, but her cycle can affect him.

Here are some fun photos that resulted in my blowing off spelling and freezing my fingers off taking photos!!!!
Oh, and the first one is really suppose to be the last. They were BOTH yawning and tired when it was all over!!
God Speed and Happy Trails!!

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  1. "Awesome!!!" Laura says! These are really funny pictures. My kids want prints of all of them. Tell everyone...including the two bucking broncos...Hi for us!
    Love ya'll,
    The Aime gang