Thursday, May 22, 2014

Something Isn't Quite Right

It's the final week of school....and the final day today! He was such a big boy this year, and he learned so much.
But today and yesterday he was really off. He felt a bit warm and was so tired that he was asking for a nap and asking to go to bed but then fighting sleep last night and tonight. Today he took a nap with no fuss whatsoever. He had an early release day so got home around 1:30 and then hit the bed hard for a long nap. Tonight was his school's night at the YMCA to celebrate the children's success in walking 50 miles during recess this school year. He was happy to go after his nap, but then he spent most of the time at the Y in the pool area (which is one of the coolest indoor pool/lazy river/water slide/beach areas I have ever seen) whining and crying. I get was pretty loud and chaotic, but it was like he felt nothing was at peace in the world, at least in his world. He begged more than once to come home and go to bed. THAT is not my usual boy!
I have not been getting as much formula into his body these past two weeks as his school nurse hasn't been at school, and his old nurse doesn't know the routine. I figured two weeks with a bit less wouldn't hurt, he has been eating more and more, and it was going to be a little stressful for all involved if we taught his old school nurse to do it.
I fear something is brewing. I hope he just needs more formula, and we can take care of that. However, my momma bear brain worries that he either has something brewing internally or maybe just the end of school out of norm emotions.
Either way, he is still the cutest boy around, and he is growing so much right now! Several times at the Y I couldn't put my eyes on him right away because I was looking for a much shorter kiddo!!!