Friday, January 14, 2011

Successful Bowling....Almost!

Roads were icy here yesterday, so we missed both of the girls' gymnastics classes but needed to get out. We have a cool 8-lane bowling alley attached to a good restaurant here in our little town, and we headed 3 miles into town without sliding around on the roads any last night!! Yesterday morning when Grouchy tried to take the girls to their morning gymnastics class, they did a 180 degree spin turning onto a road just a mile from our house. They promptly, gently used the gas to take that as a sign to proceed HOME!!!

Garrett loves watching all of the movement at the bowling alley!!

Once Garrett gets on his knees and pushes the ball, the girls wait....and wait....and see if his ball will make it to the pins!!

And then my sweet Ainslee had time to smile for me as we did a mini photo shoot!

Grouchy laughing hysterically,"Garrett, you really need to get off of the ball and roll it."

Addie is getting the hang of it! Although real bowling is much different than Wii bowling!! I will say we are all NOISY bowlers!!! Lots of ball-bouncing noises when we release the ball!!
Hope you have a ball today!

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  1. I think Addie and I have the same bowling technique. :-) Glad y'all were able to get out!!