Monday, January 24, 2011

Made It To Houston! (sanely)

We woke up at 4 a.m today and drove in the crisp, clear morning to the Boise airport with no issues! We got through security and boarded with no issues. We had a great first flight sitting with a very nice man who loves to golf and bird hunt and made me promise to get Grouchy to get in touch with him. Then we had a three hour layover where we rode the underground train for an hour, shopped, ate and then rode the moving sidewalks for another hour!! While we were shopping, we found this really cool kids' carry-on suitcase made to carry, pull or RIDE!!!! Garrett had fun trying it out, and I opted to buy it as he seemed so fascinated. Glad I got it because he truly LOVES it!! Sometimes I buy him things and he loves them, but only for a short while. THIS, he LOVES....YAY!!! I am posting a photo. It is called a Trunki, and it is just plain CUTE!!! It is made by the company Melissa & Doug. I will let you know if it holds up, but so far it has done about 4 miles in the Denver airport, a half mile in Houston and now being tested further in our hotel!!! So far, so good!
Our second flight was harder for Garrett, but we had another really nice man sitting in our row who has two boys and loved entertaining Garrett!!! HOW BLESSED!!!!! Plus, to top that, he has a nephew with Mitochondrial wild is that??? So he tried so hard to help me and to give Garrett the attention he wanted. It was so nice!
My mom met us at our gate in Houston as she had flown down from Birmingham, Alabama to meet us. We got our rental tin can.....ooooo....did I just say that?? I meant rental "CAR," and GPS got us to a Hampton Inn only 4 miles but about an hour's drive in the morning to the appointments.
We have ordered Papa John's pizza, and we are letting Garrett play on my mom's computer with his Webkinz Jr. Next is a shower, then BED!! YAY!!! We have to leave here at 6 a.m. YUCK!! Hoping to see a couple of friends who live here, then I got an email from a mom online who I met on one of the Mito message boards, and we might get to chat for a few minutes face to face tomorrow!! COOL!!!
Blessings to each of you, and thank you for the thoughts, posts and prayers!!


  1. Sounds like a lot of prayers were answered! I am so thankful! I am praying all goes well tomorrow and that you will have a great return trip home with very strategically placed passengers, once again. :-)
    BTW...I am in LOVE with that suitcase. I can't wait to hear how it holds up.
    Love and blessings! :-)

  2. That is an adorable suit case!!! And what about those angels on the plane!! I'm so glad the trip was without meltdown! How in the world did you meet someone who knows about mito!!! Crazy!

    We won't be back in Houston until the end of March. I'm so glad we got to visit last time! Praying you have a productive appt tomorrow!

    Kim and Asa

  3. Thank goodness things went well! I can really relate to when things don't go as well.

    Hope the appt is great!!

    Oh and thank you so much for answering those questions!!

    I was also going to ask you, where did you have the first muscle biopsy done?