Thursday, January 20, 2011

Praying For Snow!

Tomorrow is the big day!!! Garrett will put on snow skis for the first time....IF IT SNOWS on the mountian tonight!! It was so icy Tuesday, and we are scared to try to work with him without fresh powder. It is very hard to stop and to control yourself with only hard packed snow or ice. So tonight I will turn in early, praying for snow and praying my little guy has a blast!!
Our friend Ali is coming with us. Ali is the first person we used to babysit here in Idaho. We absolutely love her and her whole family. God broke that mold for sure!!!
I will also pray many, many, many prayers of thanksgiving tonight as I realize how blessed we are with the people God puts along our path. We are so blessed!!!!

On another note, Garrett's teacher, Mrs. Debbie, is making us think ahead about where Garrett belongs in his educational path next school year. He will be 6 this summer. He is currently in a special needs preschool, public. But next year he could go to the local elementary school and have another wonderful teacher with amazing aides in a 1-4 grade "day class." . I met the teacher and aides today and hung out in the classroom for an hour. What amazing professionals these women are!! We joked that after a day in that classroom, none of the women needed a gym membership.....geez, what a workout!!! The main teacher is the mother of a sweet boy in Garrett's current class, so we chatted about getting the boys together. While the class was perfectly wonderful, Garrett functions on the upper limits of that class, so we are wondering if maybe he could go to regular kindergarten with an aide to help him. Or go half day in the special class and the second half regular class. Or maybe, as the teacher recommended, he could go to the class I toured today but then leave a few times each day to join up with the regular classes. While I have no objection whatsoever to his being with other challenged kiddos, I know he does best when there are normally functioning children around him where he will be trying to keep up with them. More to ponder! He has a psych evaluation next week, and he should be able to receive Medicaid assistance to help with more behavioral and sensory therapies, we hope. Then around spring break he will have his three year IEP reevaluation.

Godspeed to each of you!!! Thank you for looking in on us. Life is good. Be blessed and count them all!!

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  1. You are not kidding about God putting just the right people in our path. He has demonstrated that to me so many times....just this week! A wonderful babysitter in a new town, x-rays and lab reports from 800 miles away on short notice, a hotel room for our trip, two different angels to help me along this morning, wonderful doctors, and sweet blogging friends that encourage me along the way. ;-)

    I will pray for wisdom for you as you make decisions for that cutie, Garrett, for next year. Those decisions are a big deal! I know you'll get it just right. :-)

    Have a blessed day!!

    Love, Jeannie