Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Strep, My Stranded Mom and Ski Adventures...All Here At the Same Time

Wow, what a wild return from our Houston trip!! My mom came back to Idaho with Garrett and me on Wednesday, and Friday we took everyone up the mountain to ski. As I blogged previously, Garrett even got to put on skis for the first time!

Then on Saturday, Addie woke up feeling crummy. We went to see the nurse practitioner who suspected Strep, so we got meds. Next Morning, Sunday, Ainslee had the fever and sore throat. Started her on it. Grouchy started feeling wiped-out, and since he leaved for another work trip to the north slope of Alaska this coming week, we got him some drugs started too....all legal drugs, mind you! Garrett seems to be fine.....YAY!! But now my mom has an upper respiratory funk. So sad!!

Yesterday Ainslee was much better, so Grouchy and I kidnapped her and took her up to ski. She and I only skied for a few runs, but Grouchy got a 2 hour lesson from one of our hitchhikers...I will blog about the hitchhikers later. It is very fascinating!!! Grouchy was skiing down cliffs before we left, and thank goodness I didn't see it or I would have had the vapors and passed out!!! We enjoyed a day focused on our middle angel, Ainslee. We all need that sometimes!!

SO today Garrett is in school, Mom offered to stay here and not ski since she has a cold, and we are going to take the girls to ski!! Grouchy leaves tomorrow, so we are going to blow it all out (except our knees, of course), today!!! Garrett will get off the bus and go to the guest house where my mom has a pillow fight staged for of Garrett's new favorites!!

Oh, and my stranded mom!! LOVE IT!!! She was planned to leave yesterday morning to return home to Alabama, but seeing how her flight was through Chicago, DIDN'T HAPPEN!!! He he he he!!!!!! My evil laugh!!! So she is here until Saturday....unless the next storm hits then...he he he!!!! We really want to go Nordik ski again like we did Monday, but if she doesn't beat this cold soon, that cannot happen :( So here is my mom wanting to get home but enjoying the grandchildren, and here I am soooooo glad she is still here!! LOVE HER!!!

Hugs to everyone, and please continue to pray for those Mito kiddos inpatient fighting for their lives today.


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  1. Definitely praying for those Mito kids. That is always so heavy on my heart.

    SO glad your Mom is getting an extended visit! What a bonus blessing! She would have been so miserable flying with a cold, anyway, so it worked out perfectly all the way around! And I am not surprised she can't get out of Chicago. It is a bit of a mess here! There is some sun in the forecast towards the weekend....maybe? :-) Sorry your other kiddos have been so sick, but definitely glad Garrett is still healthy. It's so much harder on our Mito kids to be sick.

    I am DEFINITELY planning to go to the UMDA Conference this summer, but can't find any info on it on the website. I haven't had concentrated time to look, either. I am sure it's there. I have another friend that talked about going. I am not sure what her rooming arrangements are....if she has none, maybe we could all room together? I am SO excited that I get to meet you!!

    Keep enjoying your visit! Hope everyone is 100% soon. :-)