Monday, July 16, 2012

Seven Years Old Tomorrow!

Above Garrett is pictures with the four beautiful ladies who love him through the school days! He will return to their class in the fall, and he loves them SO MUCH!

Tonight is one of those nights when I am not sure if sleep is a real deal in the near future. Garrett will turn seven years old tomorrow. Wow, seven years. So many emotions crash over me tonight. I am feeling more and more hopeful about Garrett's future in regards to his mental capacity and potential. And while physically he is seeming to be plateaued with weight but getting taller, he is strong and very, very busy! So I do not sense immediate medical danger.

I think it is just a reflection mode. Above all else, I look at where we are today and cannot help but thank each person who has ever touched our lives in any way since Garrett's medical issues began at about age one. I mentioned it in my last post, but seriously, you all have kept us pepped up and loved through so much!!

Tomorrow promises to be crazy, but most of our days are! We have Build A Bear, Chuck E Cheese and a movie on the agenda. And of course there will be some playing and munching at McDonalds and maybe a milkshake thrown in there! We plan to buy a cake while we are out tomorrow and have cake and "party" consisting of Garrett, Addie, Ainslee and my parents tomorrow night. While most kiddos have several friends over, Garrett's best friend is out of town and I am not completely sure that a big party would be as much fun as a few fun events. Shoot, tonight he told my mom that he wants to just stay home....WHAT!?!?!? I guess I shouldn't complain. While we have no nice grass yet in the pretty big yard, he does have tons of freedom and loves to be home. Blessing!!

I cannot imagine life without Garrett. As many hours as I have spent here venting or whining, I have to say that I am the thankful, less-judgmental, more loving and certainly MUCH MORE PATIENT person I am because of my son. He has taught our household the value of enjoying the moment and taking much less for granted. He has taught me that normal isn't nearly as attractive as it is perceived and that all we have to do to pass this test is truly love one another right where we are at this very moment.

I pray he will understand that tomorrow is all about him. I pray it is a safe day. Most of all, I pray we get to enjoy many more birthdays with our big guy!!!