Saturday, January 1, 2011

Announcing New Walk-On!!!

We have a new walk-on who joined our team!!! An old, dear friend just reconnected with us in a really interesting chance meeting with a relative, and we learned he has mitochondrial disease. His mother and grandmother had it as well. Not only does he have it, but he is so stinkin' brilliant that he is better versed in the disease than anyone I have ever talked to or read. He spent numerous hours on the road today just to come out to Grouchy's parents' farm and meet Garrett and talk to us more about him. We had previously been emailing and answering questions, but tonight we finally got to ask more and discuss more face to face. He was so kind to us all and Garrett LOVED him....must sense the connection!!! He had so many great ideas, poured over more lab info and will work some of it in his mind and online more to help us piece things together. He wants to be Garrett's motivator, to show him that Mito doesn't have to limit him. I pray this can happen. This man is amazingly smart and successful and wants to be here for our little dude...WOW!!!! I asked him if he would like to meet us in Houston later this month for our appointment with Dr. K. He seemed interested. How wonderful it would be to have a friend with us who understood everything and could help us understand more and ask more questions.

Here's to a new member of our team and a good feeling about what he thinks Garrett's future holds. We needed that!!! And thank you to each of you who are on our team now entering this new year. Blessings to all.



  1. Wow, Clara-Leigh, what a blessing...God does put the perfect people in our path!!
    To have someone living successfully with mito to help you (and Garrett) navigate has to be encouraging and offers a wealth of information and support.
    (((Hugs))) and Happy New Year!!!

  2. Can you please send me info that you receive from your new friend. I am very interested in knowing as much as I possibly can. Thanks and what a wonderful Godsend. Just returned from Granddean's, who really looked bright-eyed and well today. I am saving Buddy's (no, not Granddean's!) electric clippers for you. Will bring them this summer. Just grateful neither he nor Buddy will have to go through another sheering. Love, Mom