Friday, January 28, 2011

Garrett Skis and My Mom Tubes ! ! !

Garrett got to snow ski for the first time today, and my mom, whom we call Nina (long I in that!), went tubing with the kiddos and me. Grouchy enjoyed skiing alone, and when we returned to the slopes to go skiing, he met us and said he had ventured off the "green" beginner slopes and skied a "blue," or intermediate slope!! Pleasant surpririse to us, the slopes were very good without any ice...YAY!! So after we tubed, we headed to the rental shop at the lodge and rented skis for Garrett. He was fine with the boots....a HUGE surprise to me!! AND he was okay with the skis!! His favorite part was to let me hold under his arms and he would just slide his feet back and forth really fast and go nowhere. My sensory boy.....weird stuff to most of us, but it was completely, wonderfully fun AND funny to him!! Okay...... We rode together on the magic carpet ski lift (same as a moving sidewalk ) about 6 times, and he got better each time. Unfortunately, we could not get the contraption to work that holds the front tips of the skis together because we had to have our own skis for him to get that to work, but we did have a backpack/harness deal we bought to help hold him, slow him, and pick him up, and that was good. Before he was done completely, as in exhausted, we stopped, so we hope he will want to go again!! While tubing, Addie started feeling bad and was out of energy and feeling cold even though it was very warm on the mountain, and sure enough, she had a fever. She took a blanket to the lodge with my mom and was sooooooooo sad not to ski. She simply did not have the energy. Here's the really dumb part of this. She is the only one of our kiddos NOT vaccinated for the HUGE bad. If she still has fever tomorrow morning when I return home from a Muscular Dystrophy Walk in the morning, I will take her to the doc. Gave her Tylenol on the mountain and again tonight. She is better on Tylenol but obviously not well. She was very kind and patient to hang in the lodge to let us ski with Garrett and Ainslee.

Here's a video of my little Garrett tubing all alone. He kept saying I need to LET HIM GO, so I did, and I got this sweet footage!!




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  1. I love it!!! It looks like y'all had a ball....and love the big smile on Garrett's face. :-D So sorry Addie's sick...what a bummer. I am so glad your Mom was there to help, though. I know you are loving having her with you!

    Have a blessed day!