Thursday, January 27, 2011


Got a wonderful message tonight from the G.I. folks saying that Garrett's genetics showed NO Celiac Disease.......YAAAAAAAY!!!!!!
No need to go gluten free, and based on the deductions I have made, I do not think gluten free would help remedy the Autism because the Autism seems to be coming from the mitochondrial problems. All interesting, and I hardly know anything!!!

We made it home last night with a very long wait to get on our first flight because Mom and I chose the 4 hour wait before our first of two flights over hanging out shopping or at more parks with Garrett due to evening rush hour issues all around Houston. We did enjoy taking Garrett to a park we had always seen but never visited. We went and got to ride a train there twice!! Garrett had a blast!! More photos later. First flight, Mom put the movie "Up" on her Mac notebook for Garrett. He tried to fall asleep at the end of that flight, but I kept tickling him! We had to make a very quick pace to the connection flight in Colorado, and thank God they held the plane for us!! Our first flight ran delayed, but the second one was delayed, too. The second flight, Garrett was lying down and fast asleep before I had our carry-on bags stowed!!! He slept all the way through the landing, first time ever...WONDERFUL!!! But we had to wake him when we arrived in Boise, and he had to be strapped into his Convaid Scout stroller so we could keep him with us. He was raging until he fell asleep leaning on my mom's arm!!

We arrived home at midnight, and Garrett took a great nap after school today. We are hoping to go to Bogus Basin to go snow tubing and hopefully skiing!! Garrett may finally get a chance to learn on his own skis!!

I typed a long update but cannot get it to cut and paste from my word processing appointment yet. SO this is it!!!

Girls enjoyed their first homeschool co-op day here, so that was really great. Garrett started the Zoloft tonight, so we will see if we see any affects tomorrow!!



  1. I am so glad you made it home safely and without incident. And great news about no Celiac Disease!! Praise the Lord! He really is such a cutie....I loved the picture of him sleeping on your last post. Have a great time tubing and skiing. We are going tubing for the first time this weekend...can't wait!

    Have a blessed day!

  2. Laura just noticed that "Godpeed"!!! You've got some inside information!!

    Love you,
    Vicki and Laura