Monday, January 10, 2011

Ski Bunnies

We enjoyed skiing with our little girls today. We have not been skiing in a few weeks, but everyone jumped right back onto the skis and flew down some fun hills today. Garrett went back to school and my friend Andrea met the bus and took him to her house for the afternoon. He entertained her family by talking about PEANUTS all day but pronouncing it PENIS!!!

I am attaching a video of Addie and Ainslee and Grouchy skiing today. I had no idea the girls could ski so fast and so well already!!!!! I was all grins, and no one got hurt. It never got above 16 degrees, so we did have to go into the lodge and warm up a few times.......and eat nachos.....and drink hot cocoa.....and eat gummy worms.......

Grouchy got to tickled watching Ainslee ski. Says he kept thinking "Ooompa, Loompa...." from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory watching her all bundled up flying down the hill!!!! Enjoy this quick video!!



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  1. Can't believe it-- they ARE EXPERIENCED SKIIERS, ALREADY!!!!!!! My envy, to say the least. I hope to experience this with them soon, maybe even on some skis? At least I'll watch out the glass window all snuggly warm and SAFE sipping my hot chocolate. So Proud of you, Addie and Ainslee. Now where's the snowman? I love you, Nina