Sunday, January 23, 2011

Traveling In the Morning

We head to Houston very early in the morning to have Garrett's checkup with his Mitochondrial Disease specialist.

Travel with Garrett is one of two ways:
1) Absolutely marvelous with him chatting, playing, and at landing, shouting,"We did it. We made it!!" and making the whole plane giggle at him.


2) Complete hell with kicking screaming, napping then waking in a terror and not being consolable.

And there is no happy medium. It's either blissfully wonderful or a nightmare!
So I am asking for prayers....mainly for those passengers traveling anywhere in physical or audio range of us!!

It will be nice to meet up with my amazing mom in the airport. She is flying down from Alabama, then flying back to Idaho with us Wednesday and staying several days. We already have snow tubing reservations made for all of us Friday, so she can't chicken out now!! Oh, and my twin sister separated at birth....not really, but could be.....Kim. She will hopefully make the trek fromsouth of Houston to meet up with us, too.

Hope your day has been great and that you and your family are happy and safe. Will post when we return from Houston. Praying we have a good check-up and learn more about how to help our little dude!!



  1. Prayers for a good flight!!

    I was reading through your previous post and was interested that your insurance is going to help pay for your visit with Dr K. Did I read that right? Anyway we have been to Boston and Atlanta and are trying to get Maggie stable to get to Houston. The other part is that flying to Houston is so expensive. So we are looking for ways to be able to get this done. I hope you don't mind me asking questions. I was also wondering how long you make your trip for when you have an appt? Anyway we just live where there is just not any doctors familiar enough with mito so nobody knows how to care for her so we need to go somewhere else. Dr K seems like the doc to go to from other blogs we have read. Atlanta has run out of ideas as well for us. Thank you for your help. If you would like to email me my email is

    Michelle (Maggies mom)

  2. I hope you have a great appointment and safe, calm, travels. :-)There is nothing like having a great doctor and getting answers you need....hope there are many!

    I look forward to hearing about your trip!

    Hugs!! Jeannie

    P.S. This is a question for Michelle...JUST a question (promise)...have you tried Dr. Kendall in Atlanta? She has been wonderful to us and has specialized in mito for over 20 years. I just thought if that was closer for you.... We did go to someone else in Atlanta who was NOT so wonderful, but Dr. Kendall has been a gift from God.