Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Farewell Old Friend

Another poem tonight. Today my sweet, sweet mom ushered her, my, our.....okay, we are not sure of the exact word there still, but a horse named Buddy, into Heaven. My parents bought him for me from a horse trader one summer when I had met Buddy at a YMCA camp. When camp ended, most of this trader's stock would be run through a sale and go to homes cheaply or to the dog food factory. Buddy stayed at camp all summer even after I left, and then when the sessions were closed, we got to go buy him. He was a really handsome guy, sorrel (reddish-brown) and was such a great looking, sleek, horse, but a bit on the skinny side. He was well-mannered until we got him home and realized he was actually so malnourished and overworked that he was too tired to be a horse. We plumped him up on good food and hay and he CAME ALIVE!! He loved to kick up his heels sometimes buck some when asked to canter. He LOVED attention and wanted to be in our living room, not the pasture!! Once we had Buddy, we had two horses, so Mom and I both began to stop sharing our first horse, Lady, and rode together, each on her own!!! We went on organized trail rides, to a couple horse shows, rode all over our valley and mountains and just had a perfectly dreamy time!!! Time passed, I headed to college, Mom took over Buddy duty. Eventually Lady died and it was just Buddy for years and years at Mom and Dad's house. Then when Mom and Dad both had retired, they boarded Buddy at a friend's farm where I had spent many, many hours growing up. Buddy had a disease called Cushings Disease, and it was that disease that caused him to go downhill over the past few years. He was happy until his last breath. He died in the care of my mom, the most amazing large animal vet EVER, and two of my mom's dear friends. I know today was beyond difficult for my mom, but she is the strongest, bravest woman I have known. I am just sorry I was not there to hold HER hand. Below is a poem that hit me. Nothing spectacular, but a little tribute to my Buddy.....actually my mom's horse...let's get that straight now!!! Love you Buddy, and I WILL see you again!!!

True Friend

Who ever said friends have to be
people, with words so useless, careless and free?

Who ever said a friend has to say
thank you in a truly verbal way?

Who ever said friends even have to be
the very same kind of friend as you and me?

And who ever knew that on this earth
my very best friend would have four hooves and fur?

My Buddy, my pal, my genuine friend
whose energy and trust could never end.

A sweet malnourished two year old horse
and then we fed which led him to, of course.....

Become a two year old unridable beauty
with me being bucked off....silly blonde cutie!!

With months of love and patience and time,
we became inseparable, and one just fine.

In dreams as a toddler I imagined this guy
and he took me for rides through the vast nighttime sky.

On the wings of this steed I would soar and smile
and wake to imagine he was really mine for a while.

And he was, my parents indulged me and gave in to my dream,
and I couldn't have been happier, that moment, to be me.

And the years rolled past with my mom on his back,
and she loved him and rode him, and gave the reins just SOME slack.

She gave him the best a horse could have
and he loved her in return, kept her safe, and was glad.

His life was long and happy and then came the best
when my mom spoke to him gently as he came to rest.

There will always be that place in my heart and in the earth
where our sweet Buddy lies, and oh the countless worth.

In memory of Buddy
sometime in 1983 - December 29, 2010

I hope each of you, sometime in your earthly life, has the opportunity to bond with one of God's most amazing creations.....the horse....

Godspeed, and thank you, Mom and Dad!!!!


  1. I am so sorry for you and your mom's loss. It sounds like Buddy was such a wonderful horse. Your poem is so special. You have such a way with words. He was lucky to have you and your mom to love him and take such good care of him, and how special that he returned that love back to you both.
    Love you,

  2. Well, I thought I had no more liquid to shed, and then Buddy's Poem. But, my heart leaps with joy with those words as Buddy leaps into the air before his latest gallop with Coop and Lady. God help the poor soul who tries to ride him for a while. Oh, I forgot, you can't fall off in Heaven. Or, can you? Mom

  3. So sweet of you, CL! I guess I never realized that Buddy was yours first...kind of like Coop I guess! Your mom and dad just loved those animals so much. So glad he's no longer in pain and frolicking in heaven...