Thursday, December 2, 2010


Grouchy and I are enjoying a very nice time away from our new home at his employer's Christmas party in Houston, Texas. We had a long day of travel ending late last night, but we enjoyed catching up with some military friends and meeting new ones! We will head home tomorrow, but the dinner party starts in less than an hour, and I am so excited to put on my favorite "little black dress" and enjoy my handsome date!! It's like being newlyweds again to have this time alone together!!! Huge thanks to my sweet, sweet friend Vicki and her three kiddos who flew up to Idaho WAAAAAAY early yesterday hang with out kiddos while we are away. Oh, and thanks to you, too, Marty (Vicki's husband), though I know how much peace, quiet and football you have going on while your family is here...he he he!!!! Such sacrifice!!
Today while Grouchy was in meetings all day, my friend Kim and her three kiddos picked me up and took me to lunch at my VERY FAVORITE RESTAURANT, Pappasitos, in Houston. We also did some shopping, and of COURSE enjoyed catching up since they left Louisiana shortly before we did for a work-related move. I miss you guys too much, and I hope you can get to LA over the Christmas holidays!!
Prayers and hugs to you and yours tonight!! Extra prayers to my brother-in-law Lee and his family tonight as his dad fights for his life. We love you all!!

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  1. Enjoy your time away. Alone time with your sweetie is priceless. :-)