Saturday, December 11, 2010

Tubing Video!


Video is Vicki, Addie, Ainslee, Leah, Laura and Jacob all going down the tubing hill connected by holding each others' tube handles.

Yesterday we took our Louisiana friends to the tubing hill at Bogus Basin Ski Area near Boise, Idaho. Previously we have been skiing, but the tubing hill just opened. It's a 2 hour tubing slot for just ten bucks...SCORE!!!! There are no lanes, just an open slope! The staff was so incredible to help us with Garrett the Screamer, hook and unhook our tubes to get us pulled back up the hill, and even recommend fun positions on the tube as well as teaching us to spin and to lock arms and legs with other people on their tubes and spin us all together!!!! Needless to say, we had such a fun time!! Even the little ones liked it, and they are 3 and 5 years old!! Garrett screamed that he did not want to do it, but then once we were heading down the mountain, he was smiling saying, "This not scawey, this FUN!!!!" His FAVORITE part was getting pulled back to the top. All we had to do was hook our rope on a metal pole at the bottom of the hill by the pulley system, have a seat on our tube....a little jerk, then a smooth, slow pull to the top of the hill. I had to convince Garrett the only way to ride back up is to slide down!!! We took one break for a few minutes to go into a little room to warm up, then headed back out for a couple more slides. He did get very, very mad a few times with tons of screams, no, he actually screamed most of the time, but then he liked it once we were moving. I think it must have been overwhelming from a sensory perspective, and I think, like Grouchy says, that sometimes his nervous or anxious energy comes out as screams or tantrums. I had a couple of other tubers try to console Garrett so kindly, and one lady give us that "Holy-shit, kid, what's your problem" look, but I just said, "This is what autism during naptime looks like!" and everyone smiled and understood. Overall, a fun time, and on the way down, my little man says,"Mommy, when we come back ride the roundy things? I had fun."


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  1. Okay, wow! We are so coming to visit you guys, Tucker would love to ride that tube down a ski slope:)

    That is a great phrase, "this is what austism looks like at naptime" I had to drag Tucker out of the Dreams Come True party today at Naptime. They are the organization that granted us our trip, and I didn't want them to change their minds when they saw his crazy behavior!

    Tucker would be the exact same way, whining and/or screaming the whole time, but then loving the part when he was actually in motion tubing, and that happiness makes the rest of it worth it:)

    See you soon!