Friday, December 24, 2010

He Might Always Believe In Santa

I spent the late night hours getting everything staged for the big sha-bang in the morning. Santa will come tonight, and the kids are sure to be up very early!!! As I wrapped and tied and taped and wrote getting everything just so, I started thinking: Garrett might always believe in Santa. Wouldn't that be wonderful!!!???
I mean, so many times we all wish Garrett into the next stage or phase, as we do for all kiddos, but when it doesn't happen in the desired order or in the "normal" timeframe, well, it can be discouraging. But not tonight. My little guy is just about as perfect as he can be. God created him, and wouldn't it be fun to always believe?
Merry Christmas, and may Baby Jesus be your BIG SHA-BANG in the morning and all of your days on earth!!!

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