Monday, December 20, 2010

Colon Blow....only for the strong of stomach....

We began Garrett's colon cleansing per the instructions from his FABULOUS new nurse practitioner who specializes in peds GI. And yes, just as I had planned, we started it the day after we arrived at my inlaws' home. Not intentionally done to ruin their sense of smell, but it was better to start then than while we were flying here!!
All is going as planned. He loves the Exlax chocolates, so that's easy. When I bought 5 boxes of Exlax chocolates, the young guy working at the checkout said, "So, you playing a joke on somebody?" I might be the first person he had seen buying that much and it NOT a joke!! So I explained.
Garrett is complaining of his stomach hurting some, but he is giving us what we wanted from it.....I will spare the details, but let's just say he smells and we are laundering lots of clothes!!! Today is day 4, and we were instructed to continue 4-7 days until his stool is brown water. If any other slow motility moms have any input or advice, I am all ears!! So let me have it!!!
Garrett is a very slim boy, but now his colon isn't super-huge and completely 6-8 days full of stuff, he looks even more slim. I think his distended belly gave the illusion he had meat on his bones, or at least some fat on his stomach.....not now! Might be in the market for suspenders soon. The tab waist pants aren't quite working as well!!

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  1. Dear Clara-Leigh,

    Have you ever heard of PEG (polyeth Glycol)? Ethan has been on it ever since he got so constipated that it obstructed his ureters and he was unable to pee. And, trust me, that's never good...gees...I didn't even know that could happen. Well, apparently it can. Anyways, back to my original point. We have been instructed once upon a time to use it as a "colon cleanse"...we had to get his bowels to the point of liquid. And now we use diminished dose to keep his movements soft and "regular".

    Good luck with the rest of Garrett's cleanse. I hope he managed the scope okay and I am sure you are anxious for biopsy results.

    PS - Happy Holidays to you and your family.