Sunday, December 12, 2010

Bowling For What????

Took our friends bowling Saturday night. Our little town of about 2,500 has a really neat 7 or 8 lane alley with an attached restaurant that has good food! It's a quaint, quiet place with super nice people who own and operate it. After an hour of tantrums and screams and body-thrashing fury, we just got Garrett his own ball, owl lane, and let him go. Until then he was in hell trying to manage the mental bombardment of this new place, sharing a ball, taking turns, but two at a time, not one, and all. He LOVED watching the balls return between the lanes as this is a very old bowling alley, so the ball doesn't disappear then pop up near the starting point. He could see it the entire way back and LOVED it!!! Major stimming going on! But it was very, very, very difficult both mentally AND physically, to handle him while he tried to sort it all out and we tried to figure out exactly what might make this a fun experience for him. But we DID finally figure it out, and he did have about 45 minutes of fun in his own way.
After a while, he quit rolling the balls from his sitting position (above photo) and decided this method worked best for him:
And I have many, many more photos of him doing things like this. I text these photos to Grouchy and just include four words:
Godspeed, and please, just be weird and don't worry about that others think. Much more fun!!

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  1. Oh, I'm glad that Garrett had fun for 45 minutes, even if it was in such an odd way. Our little guys have their own brand of fun, right??

    Thanks for sharing so that I don't feel so weird!!