Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Don't Throw Up. Throw Down!!!!

Tuesday of last week: Garrett throws up twice.
Saturday: Friend's son, 3, (friends from Louisiana sayign in the guest house) throws up all night AND his mom, my sweet friend, Vicki also gets sick.
This morning on the way to airport: Vicki's 5 year old starts throwing up and does so all day while flying...yuck!!
This afternoon while I am with Garrett getting his G.I. scope: Ainslee starts barfing at the babysitter's home.
Tomorrow: I am suppose to fly to Louisiana from Idaho with our three kiddos for a three week visit over the holidays.
Tonight: If Addie and I are going to get it, it needs to be now because.........
If we are sick trying to leave Idaho, we will not be going to Louisiana at all.....and that would be a bummer!!

Please pray for no tummy troubles!!!
And Garrett's scope showed some weirdness, but nothing huge. Biopsy results back next Thursday, so that will give us more info. Also blood tests will be back then.


1 comment:

  1. Oh no! :(
    I hope all of your tummy troubles go away, I can't imagine traveling with an upset stomach, let alone with sick children.

    So I understand if you don't come to LA, but I really hope you do!

    Keep me updated,