Saturday, December 11, 2010

G.I. Cleanout at My Inlaws House???

Seriously, the more I think about the prospect of a cleanout while we are traveling on planes on the way to Louisiana???NO WAY.
But to show up at my inlaws' home and START and COMPLETE the cleanout at my inlaws' house....OH MY GOSH!!! They will NEVER want me to come back. Now to some of you, that might be a good thing, not to be asked to visit the inlaws, but for me, it would be bad.....very, very bad. I happen to love them dearly, but I am cracking up thinking about this:
Hi, thanks for having us!! We are excited to barge into your beautiful home for THREE WEEKS. Now if you will excuse me, I am going to slip into the kitchen, pour a stiff glass of egg nog and give Garrett 4 times the adult dose of Exlax twice daily for the next few days....Won't this be TONS of fun!!!!!! If you haven't done a cleanout of your child's digestive tract, it involves giving them huge doses of laxatives, and in our case, stool softener as well, then pushing these meds until the child is having bowel movements that are brown water, then backing off because then the system is clean, and you start a new maintenance regimen with the same meds.
We had to do this once with Ainslee. I remember following her around with wet towels and Lysol for a couple of days.
To those sweet, sweet Mito moms who have sent your best wishes, THANK YOU!!!!
This process should yield results for our Garrett, and hopefully get his colon back to normal size.
His upper G.I. scope is Tuesday with biopsies. We should get a little info when he is out of the procedure, but even more a week later when labs are in.
Hugs to you and yours. I guess at least we will be cleaned out to start a new, "fresh" new year!!!

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