Monday, December 27, 2010

Turning Reaction Into Action

This evening after I reorganized my planner and added my new calendar (those of you who know me well know this is an extremely pleasurable annual experience for me....laugh out loud Rebecca M. and ERIN!!!!!), I decided to make a call to one of the companies in our area of Idaho that specialize in case management for kiddos like we have. I called Unbefuddled, no joke, that's the name, and spoke to one of God's angels, I SWEAR IT!!! We return home on the 6th and I meet with her on the 7th. Period. We will discuss our application for Medicaid based on Garrett's diagnosis and issues, what services we might expect, how to get help with respite care, diapers, special bed for when he is too large for his crib, family counseling, behavioral counseling, PT, OT, Speech Therapy. So much of this we have done in the past in the way of therapies, but we decided to take a much needed break. However, as I have shared, Garrett is now 5.5 years old, and it is time to transition our energy from keeping him alive (he is doing really well health-wise so far these past three years) to getting him stronger and helping him relate to the world more appropriately and hopefully have a stab at independent living. Tomorrow I will work on the required paperwork, referrals, letters and such that I have to submit to attempt to get our insurance to cover our visit with Dr. K in Houston late January. I have been told we might be able to be reimbursed for mine and Garrett's travel and all associated expenses...what a huge blessing that would be!!! He will have some other tummy study done there too, but since it is part of a research study, that will be free....COOL!! My mom and possibly Grouchy's mom will be meeting us in Houston. We should have a few hours to go see the huge, beautiful park with a TRAIN RIDE while we are there this time. I sure hope so!!

So at the end of a day that started off with a heavy dose of helplessness, I have turned my energy to action. Watch out world, Mama Bear is back at it!!

Thanks to each of you who read my previous couple of posts, and those who commented. I appreciate you being here!!

And Erin, your kiddo will be fine!!! Just watch the second and third. Never know!!! And we are still reading Ferdinand....might should have named Garrett Ferninand!! Love you!!


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