Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Labs Back From Upper GI

Garrett's WONDERFUL, BEAUTIFUL, COMPASSIONATE, KIND, and VERY,VERY on top of things pediatric GI nurse practitioner called me this afternoon to let me know about Garrett's labs from his upper GI scope last Tuesday. I didn't expect to hear back until Thursday, so today was really cool!!
She said he does have esophagitis, so we should restart Prevacid, but give it in the mornings only, but give the total daily dose then, 20 minutes before he eats breakfast.
She said only a few eosinophils were seen, and that is good because it is less than were seen three years ago. So no Eosinophilic Esophagitis, so that is very good.
BUT he does show cells that are pointing to Celiac Disease, and she wants to get more blood testing done for that, including a genetic study. She feels it is likely he has it, but she wants to try to confirm it better before putting Garrett in the gluten free diet as it will be quite a change and a big challenge to get started. The nurse practioner is on it herself, so she is so understanding and considerate about it all, and that makes it all seem better already. THANK YOU GOD FOR THIS GREAT CLINICIAN!!!!!!!!!!!
So more blood will be drawn when we get back to Idaho in early January. Then in late January we have the visit with our mito doc and the gastric emptying scan as part of a research project while we are in Houston for the mito doc. My mom and possibly Grouchy's mom will be coming to meet us in Houston. We are looking forward to that couple of days for sure!!!
Christmas greetings and blessings to each of you this week. May your holidays be filled with good times, family, friends, and above all, THANKFULNESS for the sweet Baby Jesus!!!!!

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