Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Building Fences

This morning Grouchy got Garrett onto the bus, we got the homeschool lessons all done for Addie and Ainslee, Garrett came home, we ate lunch and got Garrett down for a nap. As he napped, Grouchy and the girls and I headed out to build some fences. We had a couple different electric fence corrals that were for the horses when we first arrived, but now Adelaide and Beth (the heifers) are here, and Grouchy went to get more livestock panels and gates, we had to build some new space that will hold cows better. Those critters will run through fences, electric or not, and we don't need loose cows out in the Owyhee Mountains now!!!

What was so amazing was having the girls out there helping. They were taking insulators off of wooden and metal fence posts and getting good with screwdrivers and hammers!! I was so proud of them. And then there's my man, Grouchy. He is so strong and so thorough with things. He plans. He had this planned well, and it went smoothly. It felt so wonderful to be near him and getting something accomplished. I know I do a good bit of work, but it's usually perpetual work like teaching school lessons, laundry, dishes, cleaning, cooking......not many things where I can look back at the finished product and say, "Wow, it's DONE!!!" And I am a total Type A person who needs to see checks in the boxes!! And today I wasn't only getting a check in the box. I was with my family, working on our place, and it felt so NORMAL!!! Then back to reality of getting Garrett up and dressed and heading to town for Ainslee's gymnastics class and Garrett's swim therapy and sliding on the big slide with me!! Yep, I am now his pool therapist, too!! We had fun!

Building fences. I feel a metaphor coming on, but sleep is coming on faster. I will spare you tonight!!

Prayers for the mito families mourning tonight.


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