Sunday, February 27, 2011

Proud Momma!

Today after church Garrett went to his sitter and attended church with her and her family while Oscar and I had the wonderful experience of taking the girls to a local high school where each child in the 4H Horse Club had to make a formal presentation or speech or demonstration. Ainslee,8, did hers with her little pal Caylee, who lives on her ranch down the street from us. They did theirs on Arabian Horses. Addie did her own, all by herself, with a Powerpoint presentation, on horse behavior. MY GIRLS ROCKED!!!! They had never done anything like this!!! The presentations had to be three minutes long. Grouchy and I filmed them, but we have to get the files down to a size we can actually upload. I grinned so large that my cheeks hurt!! Honestly, these kids blew me away!!! I am so incredibly proud of my two daughters!!!! Now the hard part is convincing them to compete in the county presentation contest, which, our leader tells us, is WAAAAAY less stress today with lots less people to watch!!! I am working the bribes now and we have until 5 pm tomorrow. I'll let you know what happens!!!

On another note, our hearts are so heavy with the news of another Mito child going to be with God way too young. Also, I have not heard any news from Cooper Knight's family in a couple of days, so I am praying things at their home are going well and they are enjoying the precious days they have left on earth with Cooper.

For anyone who read my last long post about my anger towards God dealing with all of Garrett's struggles and suffering, I want you to know I spoke with our pastor today, and tomorrow I will be calling his office to speak with one of the administrative staff to get the list of local family counselors. Grouchy and I are open to working with a counselor, and we know the girls can likely benefit from counseling as well. I was thinking about it today. Of course Grouchy and I know that there is a huge weight in our hearts regarding Garrett's prognosis. But Addie and Ainslee.....they have heard it. They have heard what is likely ahead. They deal with the mess of this disease daily. And it has to take a toll on them.

Prayers to the Knight and Agnew families. And as always, we remember Missy Knight and family as well as our dear friends the McAlisters.

Godspeed, and I promise photos are coming soon!!!!

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  1. I have been thinking and praying for you all since reading your post. The memories of that time with Chance can still bring back the emotions for me. Intensely. Honestly not sure how we emotionally or physically made it through that time, but we did and I know you all will too. What I can say now, on the other side (if you will), is that as unpredictable as this disease is on the negative side, it can be on the positive too. While more medically affected now than then...the neuro stuff, the things that put into question whether he'd ever be independent, those things have improved more than I could have ever hoped!! These kids are writing their own story (thankfully) and learned a long time ago that they have plenty of surprises for me!! Hang in there and know there are thoughts and prayers headed your way!!