Monday, March 28, 2011

Photos....Few Words, FINALLY!!!!

Finally dusted off the camera and got the drizzle and cold to move out of Idaho!!! WHEW!! Here are some pictures from the past two days: Garrett was about to catch the bus this morning and looked so stinkin" (that's a Southern term) cute in his jacket with his summer haircut by the fire. He was also looking a little sleepy, still, but he still squeezed out a quick smile for me!!
Aaahhhhh, this is one of my new favorites! Yesterday afternoon Garrett was being surprisingly independent and quiet, and after I washed the heifers (Beth and Adelaide) for the first time by myself (didn't want the kiddos to get squashed (another Southern term) if the heifers didn't like baths!!) Ainslee joined me to let me take some photos of her with Beth. The heifers loved their baths and enjoyed the spa treatment!!


Here's Adelaide, the cow who will kick at me one minute and lick my cheek the next! Ainslee took this for me!! Have I mentioned how much I am loving these two cows??? They are just dumb enough to be a lot of fun !!!

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  1. Love the pixs!!!
    FYI - As soon as I read your post on Bricen's blog, I ordered two copies of the book you recommended (one for me, one for Derek)!!!