Saturday, March 12, 2011

Family Fun

We had a wonderful week with dear friends! ! Our friends we met through Louisiana's MDA Camp when Ainsley (their Ainsley, not our Ainslee) was Addie's camp cabin mate, and we have enjoyed getting to know them and see our girls hang out and grow up together!!! For Mardi Gras, they flew here from Louisiana to vacation. They also brought their 13 year old daughter, and over time this past week as they stayed in the guest house our older girls hung out some and our younger ones enjoyed playing. We had a blast skiing, tubing, going on a sleigh ride, to a hot springs and exploring the shore of the Payette River, climbing and swimming at the YMCA, seeing Gnomeo and Juliette, and just being together!!! Here are photos of Addie, Ainslee, Ainsley and Angelle at the sleigh ride.
Garrett was in school in the mornings, and we either hired a sitter or Grouchy stayed behind to care for him so we could party hard with our friends. Everyone got to ski!! EVERYONE, including Ainsley, Addie's best buddy, who we were not sure had the strength and endurance to ski!!! Angelle, in just two days on the slopes, was skiing blue slopes and hanging with Addie!!! WHAT FUN for the girls, and of course us moms were delighted. We even took Addie and Angelle up to the ski slopes for two hours the last night they were her, but conditions were slushy, so not very fun. We drove down and enjoyed pizza at one of our new favorite places to end the night. We had some hairy moments with Garrett in the car with us and with Grouchy and I having to shuffle him between us with Grouchy taking the brunt of the pain. It is frustrating to have all the fun of friends here, but Garrett kicks into extra-loud mode then, and it feels wrong to subject anyone else to the chaos and insanity of him. But all in all it worked, and now Grouchy's mom is here for a week BUT she and Grouchy leave at the same time next week.....BOOOOOOO HOOOOOOO!!!!!!
Blessings to you all and prayers for the Mito children and the families whose Mito children have become angels the past weeks.

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