Friday, March 25, 2011


Wow, I have been really serious here lately aside from a quick blog on Addie's dog Camper and his attempt to parachute from the roof this week!!!

But today.....TODAY......TOOOOOODAAAAAY!!!!!!! WAHOOOOOOO!!!!!
Grouchy is away for work, we have another sitter from the local family whom we ADORE, Shelby, who is on spring break and coming to keep Ainslee and Garrett for the day while I take ADDIE up to ski for the day!!!!!! Of course skiing is best when Grouchy is with us. We laugh ourselves, enjoy our car time with the girls when Garrett stays back, and we just enjoy ourselves as a normal family does.....maybe more. Can I tell you how much I am excited about this day though????? Just my Addie and me on the the slopes. It has been warmer here lately and I thought it might be rainy there, but nope, once I got an internet connection, I read that Bogus Basin got three inches of snow yesterday and ANOTHER three inches last night!! Can anyone say PERFECT POWDER?????????

So hopefully I will get off this machine and head out to hay the horses and heifers, get Garrett's meds ready for the day, finish packign my Yukon with our loads of stuff.....two chicks skiing, so lots of STUFF!!! And then Shelby rescues me and we get to go party!!!

I haven't been this excited in a while. Wow. How cool!!!!!!! Might have photos to post if my internet connection will improve some today.


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