Saturday, March 26, 2011

It Was Dreamy!!!

Addie and I had a marvelous time skiing, shopping and chatting yesterday. Shelby kept Ainslee and Garrett, and then we had a really nice surprise as Shelby's mom, Andrea, asked us to come have dinner at their home. We truly enjoyed spending time with their family, and dinner was BBQ Ribs....YUM!!!!!!

I am posting this photo of Addie posing in the deep, new snow right where we parked. I meant to get a shot of the two of us on top of the mountain where there is this absolutely breathtaking view for a background, but we had so much fun skiing that I forgot!!!

It was a little of a rude awakening getting back to the real world. While at our friends' home, Garrett kept calling people STUPID and saying POOP over and over. One of the children there actually stood up for herself. When he called her stupid, she looked across the table and said, "Do NOT call me that!" Good for her. I hope to talk to her again one day and apologize and explain Garrett a little. I know it's hard for me to watch these troubling behaviors, but it has to be harder to be a child and have someone call you that and the offender not get reprimanded to the point he ever quits. It's embarrassing, honestly. At least we were with friends who know Garrett well, but still, it hurts. It isn't fair to anyone around him, and I would give anything for him to act like he "should."

We see the psychologist again for another 3 hours Wednesday. She recommended some parenting books, but that was weird. She has no idea how many parenting books I have read, tactics we have decided to use, and how hard we have worked raising our girls. Now this....parenting books. I want to shake this lady and tell her that it isn't parenting, it's his brain. Something is way off and no one can explain it other than to say he has Mitochondrial Disease and try to medicate him. I probably will dive into the books and skim read them this weekend at night. But the tactics are just tactics for normal kids, in most cases. If I could devote every day, all day, to his behavior and care, I can tell you we would still have trouble, but I might be able to watch him all day and stay right on top of every move......but that isn't possible. I have a family. I don't have just Garrett.

I digressed......bottom line, while I was away with Addie, life was just glorious. I close and relish those memories!!! We had a nice evening with friends and appreciate all of the people God places into our lives!!!



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  1. So glad you and Addie had some "girl" time and created special memories!!!