Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Happy Birthday and Goodbye!

Grouchy's mom, DiDi, flew in last week and planned to fly home this Thursday. She was changing one of Garrett's many nasty diapers yesterday and threw out her back, so she changed her itenerary and left this afternoon. Just two hours before Grouchy took her to the airport, I learned of her change of plans, so I cooked lunch and we made a birthday cake for her.....that she mailed the pans and mix to our house so we could make while she is here.....her birthday is this weekend. She is weird like me. We get along great. I love her!!!

Either way, we sang the birthday song as Grouchy sang over us the same tune but the words went something like, "We get rid of DiDi.......we get ride of DiDi......." Grouchy is the funniest guy he knows, still!!!!

Here's a photo of Addie and Ainslee with DiDi and her 5 second, on the way out the door birthday celebration. Oh, she went to our little town's chiopractor and got a donut pillow and some Aleve and flew back to Louisiana. Perplexing, truly. But since I am so much like her, I can somehow completely understand.......

Neuro-psychology appointment for a three hour eval early in the morning, dropping off some VA forms for Grouch in Boise, labs for Garrett's kidney doctor appointment that's next week, dropping off the rest of the paperwork to get Garrett covered by Medicaid, then parent-teacher conference tomorrow at 3:30 and then slide into AWANA and WalMart tomorrow night! Going to sleep now!



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  1. wow leaving so fast. at least you got a littel break while shew as here. such a sweet picture.