Sunday, March 27, 2011

I Love You, Mommy.

I took a nap with Garrett today. He will not nap in his bed, but if I turn on my electric blanket and place lots of blankets along with his Thomas blanket on top of him too, he relaxes after about 10 minutes and falls asleep for almost two hours. He needs the rest. And apparently, so do I as I can nap with him and still sleep well at night!

This afternoon I was awake when he woke up and he rolled over to me, pet my cheek with his soft little hand and kissed me and said, "I love you, Mommy."

Heaven descended to earth for that sweet moment, and all else lifted from my heart. The burden was gone. My son was with me. Perfect.



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  1. (((Clara-Leigh))) Been trying to get caught up with our little friends in blogger world. I loved your "injustice" post, very honest coming from a flat chested person! HA...sorry. But I loved how you were able to go back and try to make sense of it all. I imagine all of us do that with our kiddos, our "delayed" kiddos that ended up with a much more serious diagnoses. I heard that word a lot, for years with Senna and then Jack. AND yes, "just delayed" sounds very good right about now. Your post brought back many emotions. Healing...I always pray and hope GOD will do miracles for our children. BUT do you somedays like me pray its "I" that receives the healing. Im finding myself worrying just as much how Im going to handle his future, whatever that looks like. One day at a time right? thats what youre suppose to do with our kids but lets face it, its not easy. The ups and downs and the especially the unknowns, its enough to break you. Youre an amazing Mother and I admire your strength. Garrett has the best support any child could have right now, thanks to his parents and the decisions youve both made for him and the girls. We live for moments like this one...a simple "I LOVE YOU" is what makes being a parent worth everything, especially with the challenges we have. Hang in there...and hugs & prayers for your beautiful kids tonight <3
    (love the skiing pic, WTG girly!)