Monday, March 7, 2011

Meet Ali

God blesses us every day. Some days we are too blinded by our own obstacles or distractions or challenges, but tonight I want to introduce you to a blessing in our lives. We have always been blessed with AMAZING people to help us with our children such as our family members, Vera, Laramie, Michelle M., Lara, Neigh-Neigh, and many more. And every time we have moved or our life situation has changed, we have had help from our families BUT also many people who love our kiddos and help us so much with Garrett.

Meet Ali. Her father we met first, when he was the listing agent for the home we bought in Idaho and brought warm chocolate chip cookies to us a day after we arrived AND delivered AND set-up livestock panels so we had a place to put the two horses as soon as we arrived. I soon spoke to his wife Andrea on the phone and knew she was amazing. When I needed a sitter the first time in Idaho, I called Andrea, and she sent her daughter Ali. Wow. We soon realized she was the FFA chapter president AND works at our FAVORITE ice cream shop EVER, so Grouchy and the girls had already met her a couple of times before I did while they got ice cream!

Okay, then once when Ali was working, Andrea sent Kali, another of these amazing kids, to bebysit Garrett. WOW again!! So sweet, so fun and so comfortable around our craziness!! Then when both of those girls were busy, in comes Trent, the nicest 24 year old guy you have ever met!!! He enjoyed babysitting Garrett at least twice for us now!!! And he just got married Saturday....oh what a great father he will be!!! And I haven't even mentioned that now Andrea keeps Garrett for us almost once a week.....sometimes more.....while we spend time with Addie and Ainslee. SOOOOOO helpful and loving and amazing!!!
So here's Ali. She's sweet, beautiful, kind, confident, energetic, and FUN!!!! We talked her into skipping school a couple of times to ski with us, and she is a natural!!! She learned so fast, and we all had a great time. We are thankful God has provided yet another beautiful angel of a person to help us nurture our kiddos!!! The above photos are of Ali with Garrett, then Addie, then Ainslee, and these are not photos I shot, but ones she took and emailed to me!!!
We love you Ali, and we will never forget the others who have helped us so much. We love you too!!!
In thankfulness for those God places our lives on course with each season of our lives,

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