Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mom, the Dog is on the Roof!!!

Yep, that's right. Addie's small dog, Camper, was missing for a while today. Addie had him inside lounging with her while she did her school work, but then later we could not find him. Addie looked outside, inside, in each room, and then outside again. The last time she looked outside she was starting to get a little upset and then something caught her was Camper on the roof of our house!!! Looking back, I remember Garrett letting Camper out onto the balcony of our bonus room this morning, but I didn't think much about it once I asked Addie to put Camper out. She forgot to put him out and there he was........on the roof!! He had squeezed his fat little body though the railing slats but then could not come back through, so I had to lean over the balcony rail over the roof and grab him by the skin of his neck and hoist him back to normal dog-dom. Would love to have photos, but Camper kept looking like he might jump down to our yellow lab, Remi, so we hurried to get him back.

The funniest was watching how comfortable he was scampering to and fro way up on the roof!!!
Never say never, and tomorrow will surprise me with something new, too!!


P.S. This is a photo of Camper so you can get the mental photo of this on YOUR roof!!!

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  1. Omg! how bizzare! good thing you got him down before he jumped down. LoL! what a cutie little poochie.