Saturday, October 30, 2010

Perfect Love

In this life on Earth there are many types of love. There's puppy love, deep love, crazy love, boundless love, mushy love, special love, and more, but there is one type I see every day between my husband and our oldest child, Addie, and that is PERFECT love.

Know how you see people together and you can SEE the love and FEEL the love between those people? Well, that's what Grouchy and Addie have. It's beautiful, wonderful, visible tangible and PERFECT!!

As Grouchy was trying to get packed for this trip out of town to the north slope of Alaska to be gone for a while, he was bound and determined he would build the girls a balance beam he had told them he could build. Meanwhile, the girls had used masking tape to make a beam on their floor, and they used it every day. There were other projects ahead of the beam....fencing, wheels on the wheelbarrow, fixing a couple of Garrett's toys, getting Grouchy's cold weather gear washed and packed, hanging out with my parents while they visit, shuttling kids and horses to and fro for 4-H and other activities, but the beam WAS GOING TO BE finished, PERIOD. On his departure day before he had to catch an early afternoon flight, he started filing, cutting, sawing, sweating it until it was just right. He still thinks it isn't just right, but I have news for him. It is JUST RIGHT, and it is another example of the perfect love he has for his family. And by the way, Addie loves him with perfect love, too!! We are so blessed by this amazing, Godly man!!!

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