Friday, October 29, 2010

In Costume....

This afternoon started the weekend-long Halloween fun for our little town. From 3 to 5 this afternoon, the merchants in our town of 2500 people handed out candy to the kiddos. If w business had an orange paper jack-o-lantern in the window, they were welcoming trick or treaters. We enjoyed the many families and happy merchants sharing in the children's delight. The best of all was our last trick or treat stop, which was one of the town's three ice cream shops. The owner had just run out of little coupons for free ice cream, so instead of giving us a coupon, each kiddo got FREE ICE CREAM.....SCORE!!!

Addie likes to pull together different things to make her own costume, and this year she collected things over a couple of weeks and named herself the "Pumpkin Princess." Bug Garrett called her "Trick or Treat Punkin Addie."
Ainslee is Katara from the Avatar cartoon series:

And drum roll please......yes, for the 4th year in a row, Garrett is a PIRATE!!! Surprise. Here he is with his parrot!

And this is early, well, not really that early, but just as the sun came up. Lucy was grazing, and there was this neat glow around her as the horizon glowed more and more brightly!

Tomorrow night, the local LDS church for a trunk or treat, and then at 7, our church has a Walk Through the Bible night where the adults of the church dress as Bible characters and act out different Bible stories and give the children candy. Should be fun! Sunday night we will drive the truck around to the neighbors' homes to trick or treat. We will likely hit only 10 homes and things are so spread out in the valley here. Mom and Dad are still here, and that is such a huge blessing as Grouchy is away for work. They are enjoying the guest house and we are LOVING Having them here!!! Tonight Addie rock climbed at the YMCA and Ainslee played in the huge pools tonight. Mom enjoyed exploring the Y and learning her way around. Off to bed. Oh, forgot we have a 4-H horseback riding day with costumes on people and horses, games and yummy treats. We can't wait!! But we miss our Daddy-O terribly!!!!
Godspeed and enjoy a safe and happy halloween!!

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