Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Well Come On In!

Knock knock!!! Who's there???

It was a bit windy and cool yesterday, and the girls went to get the mail and kicked this tumbleweed all the way from the fence at the bottom of the driveway up to the front door. When they were coming up the hill, I noticed Addie's horse, Lucy, was acting very surprised and alert about something, but I could only see the girls coming up the drive. The angle of my view blocked this huge tumbleweed they were kicking in turns!!! I love the looks of excitement on their face when I opened the door!!
Tonight we took the girls to the Boise State University, Louisiana Tech football game in Boise. Yes, that's the BLUE college football field!! It really looks wild!! We stayed until just after halftime. It was pretty cold, and it even snowed a little!! The mountains just east of Boise were dusted with snow, and it made such a pretty drive into town.
Grouchy leaves for a term of work in Alaska tomorrow. Please pray for his safe travels and healthy mental state while he is there. I know it can get lonely there, and he hates being gone, but he is so brave and selfless working like he does. We love him so much!!!


  1. is that seriously what you see when you open your front door? [behind the girls, of course] the greens and the blues! it's all so picturesque!

    wishing you health and happiness from paris!


  2. WOW what a view you have from your front!! AMAZING!