Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Puppy Love

I love seeing children and animals enjoying each other! I was blessed to catch these four goofing off today.

During my many, many, many days of raking rocks, moving rocks, picking up rocks, shoveling rocks, and so on, I began to pick up rocks that looked like hearts. I would put each heart rock on the table on the back patio each day, and here's the collection. I have a special friend who is fond of rocks who will receive these and more in the mail and know right where she should put them.........

I was trying to capture all of the "Vivian Butterflies" flitting about the alfalfa field. My dear friend Lisa saw her baby girl, Vivian precede her to heaven last year. When I was talking to Lisa via text messaging yesterday, I mentioned all the yellow butterflies in our field, and she told me they called those "Vivian Butterflies" because like Vivian, they flit about everywhere like crazy. May not be the exact butterfly type Lisa sees in Louisiana, but we have named our beautiful butterflies "Vivian Butterflies" too!! Sorry you cannot see the butterflies, but as the girls and the dog, Remi, were running, they disturbed the butterflies and even more of them began flitting about!

I am usually on the back side of the camera, but tonight I was able to get Ainslee to grab the camera. After many attempts to get a shot of us kissing, I settled on this first one Ainslee took. I spend so much time with this rascal that I thought I should at least have a photo with him. Look how he can grab fist fulls of cheeks!!!!

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