Monday, November 8, 2010

Guests, Answered Prayer, and SHAKE YOUR BOOTY!!!

We have been so busy that I couldn't find the time or energy to blog lately!! We had our good friends from Whitefish, Montana, the Nargis, here this weekend. These are the same cool folks that put us up in their guest house all of July this year. Nadia, the beauty on the left, was born a few weeks before Addie, and we were neighbors in Virginia while her daddy and Grouchy were on aircraft carriers with the Navy. The girls had so much fun, and so did I!

Here's beautiful Addie in the new leotard she bought with her OWN MONEY!! Go Addie!!!

My parents' last name is Horn. But that doesn't explain this confrontation between my dad, known as Pop, and Garrett. Garrett put his sippy cup on his head for his horns!

Aaahhhhh, another magical sunrise. And I just cropped this but did NOTHING to get this color. It was really that beautiful! I turned around after taking this to see the most vivid rainbow over our property, but I couldn't get the camera to see it as well!!! It was a reminder of all of God's promises to us!

In this shot, you can barely see the end of the rainbow near our house. Still nothing like what I witnessed that morning!!!! Here's our house with Lucy and Ernie grazing their 2 hours this past Sunday morning before church.


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  1. Wow! You are surrounded by beauty, in side the house and out! I love that sparkly leotard...i always wanted one of those as a girl. :-) You have a beautiful home, and those horses out front...oh my! To me, there are few things more beautiful than grazing horses.

    I appreciated your last comment so much! You are such an encourager! We are still doing well and settling in....slowly. Like you, i continue to be amazed at how well Clara is doing in this climate. i do wonder how she will do when it starts snowing a lot. That's the opposite extreme, and we have never had it, as I am sure you didn't in LA. Do they get much snow where you are now?

    Have a very blessed day! Enjoy that beautiful family.