Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ainslee's Birthday Photos

Ainslee had a very nice birthday, in spite
of her assuming it would be no fun since
she isn't in Louisiana. I am very thankful
for the many relatives and friends who
sent gifts.....she truly had a great day, and all the presents made it extra special!!
We made cupcakes the night before
her birthday so we could take them to AWANA to share with the kids' church friends. I purchased a chocolate cake to share with our neighbors for an actual
"party" at our house after lunchtime.
Our homeschool friends who live nearby came and also the sweet couple who took us to the waterfall. I think the kids are adopting
those folks as Idaho grandparents. They are so sweet and loving, about the age of their grandparents, and sadly no longer get to see their own
grandchildren. I pray our kiddos are bringing
some of the joy back into their lives....that joy grandkids

Thanks for the DSi game, Nina and Pop!!!!

Aime family, thank you for the very special presents,
including this English riding set!!!

Somehow, I lost a photo of Ainslee
opening gifts from DiDi and
Granddaddy, but rest assured she was sompletely surprised and VERY excited when she saw them!!!
These kiddos you see with ours are the homeschooled neighbors. They are all three very sweet and fun, and we are thankful God put us near them. The kids enjoy riding down the canal road to pick these guys up on 4-wheelers to play, hang out at the Y and work together on swim team.
We have had the most frustrating time with the internet lately, and this should be resolved Tuesday, so I will be updating more frequently.
Special thanks to Uncle Gus, one of Grouchy's best friends, for hanging out with us last night and today while he was on a Southwest Airlines layover in Boise. We just hope you will bring the rest of the family to ski next time!!!


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