Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My Baby Girl Turns 8.

I always find the eve of my children's birthdays bittersweet. When I kiss them goodnight on these nights before their birthdays, I feel like I am kissing that child the last time at that age. Corny, it may seem to you, but it means so much to me. I kissed Ainslee goodnight tonight, she curled up to me and gave me an extra squeeze, and we prayed. I thanked God for the wonderful person she is and for entrusting us with her care. I thanked Him for choosing us to be her parents and for trusting us to love her like He does. I have fallen short on so many things daily. On the top of that bad list is my patience with Ainslee. She is blooming right now, so I know it is hard for me to fully recall our tough times with her, but I do know I wish I could do so many things over. I can't say if I would do things much differently, given the lives we have and the kiddos we have, but I will ALWAYS regret losing my temper with Ainslee, harping on her about her hyper nature and impulsive behaviors. Now she is on her ADHD med, she is doing so much better in every area of her life. She has more self control and more intentional organizational behavior than ever before. I just hope we didn't do too much damage for the two years we resisted medicating her.

Enough of my midnight ramblings.

Happy birthday, my brilliant, big-hearted, sassy, energetic, BEAUTIFUL inside and out, daughter. I am proud of you!!!! And in the morning, yes, as SOON as you wake up, you FINALLY get to open those presents. I hope you like them!!



  1. Happy 8th Birthday Ainslee!!! We love you!!

    (sorry belated! I dont know how I missed this one)
    Hope she had a great day!
    Heidi & Jack.