Sunday, October 24, 2010

Random Fun

My parents, Nina and Pop, are here for two!!!! We are having a great time!
I have no earthly idea why this is all underlined and in blue, so just bear with me here!

Our neighbors Bob and Judy have 10 children who are grown and a ba-zillion grandkids! In effort to keep these grandkids enjoying things around their farm, Bob and Judy have accumulated some amazing play equipment and turned their back area behind their tractor workshop and barnyard area into a beautiful playground. The COOLEST thing about it is that they invited us to play ANYTIME and we can WALK TO IT from our house....or ride horses or the ranger or 4-wheelers! Here's this amazing swing they have. The horizontal piece holding the tires by chain SWIVELS around and around, so they climb a little ladder to get on, hold on tightly, and I run as fast as I can pushing one tire and they go spinning high off the ground!

We joined the Caldwell Family YMCA about 17 miles from our home. This is the indoor pool facility we LOVE! The girls workout with the swim team on the far left in the lap pool, then enjoy the diving board and slides and lazy river. Garrett LOVES the sprayground and gradual entry pool in the foreground.
This is my father, Pop, on his way with us to play at Bob and Judy's house. After talking to Judy that evening, we learned we are somehow probably related. Our families came from the same two American Indian tribes, Creek and Cherokee. How cool is that???

We enjoyed out sweet neighbors Don and Donna taking us on a long dirt-road drive to explore Succor Creek Park last week. It is an area of geological surprises and lots of fun paths to explore. There are primative camping spots too, so I see a fun adventure in the future!! Here is my mom, Nina, loving on my girl, Addie. We had a nice hike there up and into a canyon before we realized how scary-rough the path became!! We made it down just fine, but we did have a few iffy moments!

Lastly, Grouchy has worked so hard and can finally rest well knowing the front pasture is complete. This pasture is an alfalfa and grass mixture. Until we get a hard freeze, the alfalfa can be dangerous to the horses in large quantities. In this photo, Ernie and Lucy had their hour of evening grazing and enjoyed their hour of morning grazing before church. The girls had a 4-H day at their leader's arena nearby at 2 today. They had fun, but Lucy's feet are in a very long rehab process. She has always work shoes, it seems, and her feet need a break. We are rehabbing her in hopes of her being able to be barefoot long term unless we are riding up in the high mountains where shoes are a must. Even then we hope to pull the shoes off right after we ride in the mountains. It takes new growth, lots of walking on soft surfaces, then eventually walking on rougher, rockier surfaces to get her feet built up for daily comfort and strength. I mainly post this photo so Laura can see the horses!! Hi Laura!! See you on December 1!!!!


  1. That spinning thing with the tire swings looks amazing!! Enjoy the Fall!

  2. The kids love the pictuers. Laura says, "Thanks for letting me see Lucy!!" Leah and Jacob say, "We can't wait to see you in December!"
    Love, Laura, Leah and Jacob