Monday, October 4, 2010

It's Apple Pie a la Addie and Ainslee

Addie, Garrett and I had the fun experience of picking apples from a neighbor's orchard on Saturday. We found an easy apple pie recipe that allowed the kids to do everything once I had the apples peeled and cored. They were so proud, the pie was so pretty, and I will not even begin to describe how DELICIOUS it was as no description could do it justice!!!


And I had to include this one! This week Garrett started offering us
free love." He recently began to say "I love you" after we say it, and then this past week he started coming up and randomly hugging or kissing us. Then today, he gave away some unprompted "I love you's!!!" I almost cried, and so did Grouchy when Garrett just tackled and hugged him in his recliner!! Life is good!!
May your Tuesday and your every day be filled with unprompted "I love you's!" I see mine from God each day, but I never appreciate them enough!
Hugs to you and yours!!!

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