Monday, October 11, 2010

Today was a beautiful, very productive day. Garrett got on his bus at 7:15, and while he was in school, the girls and I got our homeschool lessons completed. Grouchy worked on fence in the front pasture where we plan to winter the horses on the alfalfa after the first freeze (which may be tonight!!). Garrett's bus dropped him off at home around noon, and after lunch he took a nap, I read our read-aloud books to the girls (homeschool history and science), and then grumpy Ainslee and I napped...aaaahhhhh!!!! Grouchy took Addie to run errands in Homedale, and they have discovered a little coffee shop in town that they seem to "slip over to" every time the truck rolls!!!
After Garrett's nap, he left on his footed PJ's and enjoyed a four wheeler ride with Addie. Note the fashion statement below: footed dinosaur PJ's and orange Crocs!!! Priceless!!!

This evening as I made salads with rare fillet mignon slices (YUM!!), Garrett became the poster child for Raisin Bran. I just wish it could keep him regular!!!

And now introducing Julie the Cruise Director. Grouchy figured out that Ainslee needs to be in the know, and when she is, she is much, much, much more predictable, comfortable and happy. I found her here on the kitchen counter this afternoon updating our weekly family calendar. She said she wish she could leave her birthday on the calendar from last week so she would have one every week....SOOOOO Ainslee!!

Once Grouchy had the fence posts set, he needed them to be watered to help hard set them in the powdery ground. He sent Garrett out to do the job, and I was so excited to see him diligently obeying his job description!!

This photo is for our sweet friend, Laura. She was Lucy's buddy for the past year, and she took great care of Lucy for the several months Addie was recovering from her broken arm last year. Laura misses Lucy, and I think Lucy misses her, too.
Laura, this morning it was pretty windy, and I thought Lucy looked very pretty with her mane blowing in the air! You might be able to see her winter coat beginning as a little light fuzz in this photo. She is oh-so-soft right now!! Just wish your grandfather could teach me how to keep her eyes from looking freaky in this photo!!! She is turning darker with her new coat...almost black again. I can't wait for you to spend time with her in December when you and your family come visit!!!!!

Huge news for our crew is that Grouchy was able to get tickets for the girls and us to go to the Boise State vs. Louisiana Tech football game in a couple of weeks. We are so excited!! We enjoy attending college football games sometimes in LA, and Grouchy is Tech Alumni.
Special request tonight. My dad's father, Granddaddy Horn has had a heart attack. At first, it was thought to be a mild one, but it appears to be more serious. Please join me in praying for my grandfather, someone I adore and respect above all others on earth, and pray for my father who is scared to lose his best friend and dad. Granddaddy Horn has a cancer that was discovered and treated for a while, but the treatments were too much for him. He was sent home with hospice but has done extremely well, recovering to the point of going for 4-5 hour truck rides in the mountains with my dad and wearing HIM out!!! We are so thankful for this time. I was able to visit Granddaddy before we moved, and I cherish that time greatly. I am so blessed to have enjoyed so many wonderful experiences with my grandfather and his wife, Mema, who died when Garrett was a few months old. From learning to fish to hiking, turkey hunting, playing piano and hanging out with my two cousins, listening to Granddaddy play the fiddle, hearing countless stories of his childhood and youth, driving across America with them, overnights at their house in Alabama, and the BEST HUGE SPREADS OF FOOD, all homemade, EVER!!! I will always remember the hugs, the genuine joy they shared when I walked into their house, their interest in my life, but most of all, their prayers, Christian examples and parenting mentoring through they years. I am so blessed. I am also encouraged that Heaven is near, and we will all be reunited someday. It's still so hard to see these people leave this life. It is even harder to know how much this is hurting my dad.
Much love and Godspeed to all!

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  1. Laura just LOVES the Lucy picture! Thanks for sharing! We can't wait to see ya'll either!!