Saturday, July 24, 2010

Welcome Home Ainslee!!!!

My big girl Ainslee, 7 years old, just completed her first year of YMCA summer camp yesterday. I picked her up just after noon, and she was the most ratty-looking, droopy-eyelids, excited little girl!!! She ran up to me as soon as I parked and gave me a huge hug. Then she looked up to me and handed me something. She said," Mom, this is a half of my Tootsie Roll that I saved just FOR YOU!!!" She proudly pushed it into my palm and then ran off to begin hugging her friends goodbye. I have to admit a few tears pooled in my eyes as I watched her. I was getting rather emotional and thankful for my sunglasses hiding my mushiness until I unwrapped the Tootsie Roll and took the first three chews. Sand. Grit. Crispy, crunchy Tootsie Roll?!?!?!?! Yep, my sweet angel must have been saving that for me ALL WEEK throughout her swimming, archery, campfires, hiking, games, skits, survived the whole week with my little busy child and then accumulated little bits of sediment and grime that were now being chewed in MY MOUTH!!! There was nowhere to spit it out, no way to not be obvious, so I finished it. I did not lose any teeth. I tried to wipe the sand out of my mouth. Ainslee is so sweet!!!

My next post might be about having pinworms.........


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