Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hiking In Snow In Sandals..........WHAT??!!??!!

Today we left Garrett with a sitter and took Addie, Uncle Troy, Aunt Jen and cousins Sarah and Chris with us to Glacier National words can describe this place. It's huge, vast, rough, pretty, isolated, wild, and on and on and on.

We drove west from Whitefish over to West Glacier where we saw the parking point for our rafting trip we have planned for Monday. We paid our $25 to enter the park and then began the ascent to Logan Pass by way of Going To The Sun Road. It was breathtaking!! I had traveled this route before back in 1996 with my Nationall FFA Officer Team, but it was still every bit as amazing this time. We found parking at Logan Pass, at about 9,600 feet elevation, and headed up this boardwalk on the Hidden Lake Observation Trail. It was about 50 degrees and breezy. We began the trail and then noticed a herd of huge bighorn sheep. We would sometimes have to cross packed snow that was still piled on the path. Then the path ended up being this uphill climb of all very icy snowpack. It was very difficult to traverse!! Addie was a champ as she was in a grumpy mood which gave her lots of energy. We made it about 2/3 of the 1.5 miles up and decided, as the rain began to fall, to turn back. Addie was done, we had each fallen in the snow at least once, and to top it off, I had on my Keen sandals and everyone else wore shorts!!!!
On the way back to the car we got tickled at the fact these Cajuns were here in our beach clothes hiking in the snow!!!

On the drive back down, we saw some beautiful mountain goats with their babies, a cool bridge and many beautiful waterfalls.

Yes, I took tons of photos, but I am charging my camera batteries and my own batteries and going to sleep!!!!

Thanks for catching up with us!! I will pick Ainslee up from YMCA camp in Elliston, Montana, tomorrow. She will be completely surprised to come home to her cousins.....still doesn't know they are here...he he he!!!!


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