Friday, July 9, 2010

God Did A Great Job!!!

I have to say that after this trip I have to say once again that, "God did a great job!"

We had an amazing day yesterday. We enjoyed a drive up Big Mountain here in Whitefish, MT where we ate lunch and took the ski chair lifts up the mountain away and rode this really fun, fast alpine slide. Garrett got to ride in front of me on my sled and LOVED IT!! No, there wasn't much snow anywhere!!! Grouchy then took Ainlee and Garrett back to the house and Addie and I had SO MUCH FUN doing a zipline tour. Ainslee wasn't heavy enought yet. We flew along a cable in a safety harness 300 feet above the ground doing over 50 miler per hour!!! I was afraid she might not want to do it, but she LOVED EVERY MINUTE!!!! She was all grins and giggles, and I helped pick the bugs out of her braces last night!! She had quite a time hiking uphill to some of the platforms, but I carried her gear and pushed her and pulled her and swore to her that I would carry her if I had to because I loved it and knew she would. I am so proud of her. She is so adventurous and wants to do it again!!!!!

We just learned that Grouchy's sister, her busband and two kiddos will be joining us for a week up here! How cool is that!?!?!? I just booked a white water rafting trip for all of us while they are here. Oscar is hoping to get a fishing trip organized, and there will certainly be another day on Big Mountain!!!!

Oh, forgot to mention the bit about how I once again marveled at God's work!! After Addie and I finished the zip line fun, we rode the longer chair ride to the tip top of Big Mountain, to about 10,000 feet. Wow. From there we could see into Canada, across all of Glacier Park, down through Whitefish and Kalispell and beyong. I cannot describe the views from up there!! I was in silenced awe and had to keep looking around over and over to really take it all in, and each time I would turn around and re-visit the same mountain peaks, I could still hardly believe it!! Addie even found some snow to play in and throw at me!!! We had to put on jackets up there. It was nothing shy of spectacular.

God knew what he was doing. Just you try to prove otherwise. I just need to remember that about all of the things in my life. God's creation is awesome!!!!

Godspeed, and if you need inspiration, look up photographs for Glacier National'll get it!!!


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  1. Oh, you make me want to take a trip to Montana!!! They should hire you to promote the state!!! Sounds like soooo much fun!