Tuesday, July 6, 2010


At 12:45 Monday morning, Garrett woke me with the most horrifying screaming I have EVER heard him make, and most of you know we get lots of screams from this little guy. I tripped down the stairs of our friends' guest house here in Montana and found him in his pack-n-play on his knees going completely wild. He was screaming, calling for me, slamming his hands and face onto the bottom of the pack-n-play. I told him I was right there, and I asked him what was wrong. Usually he will not tell me what is wrong, but occasionally he can get it together enough to say something. I asked if he hurt....more thrashing and screaming. I asked if it was his tummy...more thrashing and louder screaming. I finally helped him to his feet, held his shoulders and raised my voice to try to see if he would wake up. I thought maybe he was sleeping still, having a nightmare. He had his eyes open. He just wasn't getting better, and he was in a panic. I got him out of bed and put him on his feet, on the floor. It was at that point he actually acted like I was there and then screamed for me to pick him up. I carried him up to my bed where Addie was sleeping with me. I placed him on his back with his Thomas blanket and he grinded his teeth and breathed loudly for an hour with his eyes closed. I got up then and put him back in his pack-n-play, and he slept soundly until 7 a.m. Monday morning. He couldn't hear the fireworks that night. His noise machine was set as it always is on a medium sort of volume with rain as the sound. He had slept in the room the night before. This morning I didn't see any bites, stings, etc. He took a great nap in the same place today. It was just day three of his second mito cocktail supplement being added, so maybe something happened there???

So I think he was taken over by demons or aliens for an hour. That's really all I can think of to explain it!!
So I figure I can claim a successful exorcism...hey, I did hold him in my bed and pray really hard for that hour he was screeching his teeth in my ear!!!!!
I spent that restless hour praying for Garrett. Praying his little body will put on a few pounds, get stronger, have fun, keep laughing, smiling, living as long as most people live......prayer is good. Exorcisms don't exist without it...HA!!!!

Godspeed, and if you ever feel demon-possessed, just give me a call....I'll pray for you, too!!!!!

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