Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Let the Fun Begin!!!

This evening Grouchy's sister, brother-in-law and two of the cousins arrive!!!! We have the guest house here in Whitefish, MT, ready and waiting!!! We have chili to cook, an air mattress in our loft for our girls, and are praying that the relatives will be comfy in the bunk room. Sure hope so as being it's the busy summer season here, the hotels, motels and cabins are pretty hard to come by. We are looking forward to having some great fun including the local water park, a day or two in Glacier Park, a trip up Big Mountain for alpine slides, gondola rides to the gorgeous peak and maybe more zip line action. Except for Uncle Troy, the crew hasn't been out here before. My sister in Law, Jennifer, loves photography, and I CAN'T WAIT for her to see this. At least we have digital cameras now......we would both go broke buying film out here!!!

Addie and Garrett are enjoying Bible School at Calvary Chapel in Whitefish. They have a high seas/pirate theme. Garrett is doing okay going with a group of kiddos and participating in some of the activities, so that's neat. Everyone there is so loving to him. He is s cute dude, buthe hasn't made a diaper for them yet......

Today Grouchy and our Montana friends' employee Mary have a big project underway. Our friends have a very rocky that were brought in for the drive by the previous owner. When the snow has to be plowed all winter, the rocks get scraped all around, many ending up in the grass on the sides of the drive. Not a problem in the winter, but when it comes time for mowing the grass in the summer, PROBLEM!!!! So they are renting a mini-excavator and digging a trench where they can place landscaping timbers to make a mini retaining wall to hold the driveway rocks in. We will see what happens! More redneck fun!!!

We are on the downhill side of our month here. It has been really nice so far. No one complains of the heat....there is just enough to get hot, but not suffer. Then at night or right now in the morning, there's a perfectly delightful chill in the air. So nice!!! We pray Idaho offers similar relief in climate for the kiddos. Only problem we are having is that it is daylight so many hours that we stay up waaaaaaay too late every night. It's near impossible to get motivated to get to bed when the windows bear light. It's even harder to get the kids thinking about bed!!! But it's not all bad!!!

Have a blessed day, and thanks for dropping by!!! Garrett is here in my bed beside me this morning, playing a game on his Nintendo DSi so he doesn't wake Addie yet. Soon the golf cart derby will begin for the day!!!

Oh, and Ainslee, at YMCA camp this week. Haven't heard one word from her!!!! That means good things!!!


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  1. Clara-Leigh,

    I've been pouring over your blog this evening. I am so happy that you and your family are enjoying the NW. I am looking forward to the day that it can be a regular annual adventure to visit while we're back to visit my family.

    You're kiddos are so beautiful. I was really touched by your post on sticking up for Garrett in the book store. I hope I can be half as good of mom as you are.

    With Love,