Sunday, July 4, 2010

Isn't it impossible to be sick on vacation??

So since Friday evening, Addie's stomach hasn't been feeling good. No other symptoms, just tummy uncomfortable. Then we let her just lounge all day Saturday until dinnertime. This morning she was feeling a little warm and weaker, so I found a doctors' office that has noon to 3 office hours on Sundays. Mary took Ainslee with her to church, and when they returned, Mary took Garrett to lunch and I headed to the doctor with Addie only to learn that since it is a holiday, there are no doctors in today. We ended up at the small hospital's emergency room. Her blood work was great except low potassium.....dehydration. The really kind doctor sent us home to start drinking Gatorade and taking Zantac. She's snoozing now and has eaten some. Must be something she picked up on the germ tubes (airplanes) last week on our way here. Bummer.

Meanwhile, while at church, Ainslee met another BFF named Danny. She is also 7. Ainslee is now with that family going to a church gathering for dinner at a member's home, then to watch fireworks over the lake in town at 10:30 and spending the night with them. Mary has known this family for some time and goes to church with them. The husband is even from Baton Rouge!! Nice folks, and Ainslee was really missing having someone to play with while Addie has been sick.

That leaves Garrett who went to lunch with Mary, and then Mary took him to one of her friend's houses to play with her 3 year old son. They had a blast and only ended the fun because the other little boy needed a NAP!!!!

So my kiddos are having no trouble finding pals and getting into all the fun!! We hear it will be loud with fireworks all night long!! Shoot, it isn't really dark until about 10:30, so you can imagine the fireworks starting that late means they last all night!!! So my Ainslee will be having a sleepover. She is getting to be a big girl, and she was about to go nuts-o here locked up in the guest house with sick Addie!!!

Have to share that Garrett's favorite activity here is driving the golf cart. It is a battery powered golf cart that Jason and family are so kind to allow us to enjoy while they are away for the month. I sit behind him, and he sits between my legs and controls gas, brake and steering, and he does a great job!! His favorite part of our "go-cart rides" is bumping across the bumps screaming WEEEE-HA!!! Must be his version of YEE-HA!!!

Blessings to each of you this evening.


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