Saturday, July 3, 2010

I bit the bullet, finally!

Yesterday, Garrett started supplement #2 of 4 total for his mitochondrial cocktail. It is Carnitor, three times daily like the CoQ10.. He is pooping up a storm.....may be that or may be all the increased activity outdoors......time will tell. Two weeks of CoQ10 and Carnitor, then add Riboflavin, then Folate.....and we are all on board. Just have to keep track of it.

Okay, I did it....HEIDI, you will be very proud. I ordered what I consider a NICE camera!! Until now I have been operating just fine with my 2002 Cannon Sureshot pocket-size camera. It has been to trustworthy and simple. I have a HUGE canvas of my kiddos at the beach made from a photo from the little Cannon, but it was PEER PRESSURE, I SWEAR!!! EVERYONE around me has the big, nice, SLR digital cameras. Or at least that's what I think they are. My sisters in law, my friends Lisa, Vicki, need I say more!!?? I was feeling more behind the know than usual, and that's REALLY behind!!!

So I ordered a bundle from, and it is the Nikon D500 with the 70-300 mm lens....and no, I have NO IDEA what that all means. I took the kiddos on an evening trip to Five Guys for dinner and then to TJ Maxx (my second home and the ONLY place I "enjoy shopping") and then to Borders bookstore. While checking out, I became horribly anxious when I saw a one inch thick manual for sale on how to use MY new camera. Jeez, hope it has an auto setting for dummies like me!!! I figure now is a great time to buy as I have time this month. I have time to enjoy the amazing beauty of the Montana landscape and the cutest three kids God ever created and get some good practice!!! A friend here has already asked me to take photos of her with her little fun!!!! It should be here by the end of the week.

I have no more time to blog. Have to get online to try to just learn how to correctly open the box in which the camera will arrive!!!


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